Thursday, May 21, 2015

What's for Dinner?

This is my go-to meal when I need something quick and easy. Teriyaki chicken, grilled veggies and steamed jasmine rice.
Buy yourself a bottle or two of this delicious marinade/sauce. We prefer boneless skinless chicken thighs but it's yummy on any other cuts of chicken as well as on steak. Pour some onto the meat, let sit in the refrigerator...I buy family packs at Sam's, separate the chicken into 2 bags, pour in the marinade, cook one and freeze the other. Here I cooked it in a pan but I've also cooked them on the grill or in the winter months, on a grill pan.
Veggies pictured are carrots and asparagus. Seasoned with sesame oil, pepper, soy sauce and garlic (fresh or powdered). Baked in the over at 400F until done. They can just as easily be cooked on the grill. Serve & enjoy!

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