Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Back on the Blog

New season, new intentions. I'm back on the blog and here to post about a September Special. 

I am in love with the new Distress Oxides ink pads and had every intention of designing a new card class with them over the summer...and with all good intentions, life got in the way :(

I may not have any samples to show you (yet) but I hope to in the next 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile, you can stock up on the inks...
There are 24 colors available and they retail for $5.99 each. 

September Special
Save 10% if you buy 12 ink pads
Look at all the lovely colors!!!

Email me at if you're interested in purchasing a set. 
Feel free to mix and match!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and were treated like royalty. We had a nice quiet weekend where I managed to read a book, eat some really good food that I didn't have to cook and my boys even cleaned part of the house. There were some moments but life would be boring if there weren't any crazy intense moments, right? 
I took some time on Saturday to walk the trails while one of my boys had practice until I was interrupted by the other kid who had left his game jersey in my car and needed it for his game. Do you ever wonder how our kids think their mom's are miracle makers? I was in the middle of the woods and he needed his jersey now or could you just check if it's in your car? *eye roll* It all worked out with a shortened walk...Diego was not happy...and mom to the rescue.
The weekend turned out even quieter when games and practices were re-scheduled due to weather and the boys had tons of homework. One had a take-home test/final and the other had a project complete with presentation board. How many scrapbooking supplies can you identify in this picture?
Bazzill cardstock, Souffle white pen, stickles and he availed himself to all my tools...metal ruler, ATG gun and trimmer.
I did get this gem of a photo of those moments captured where they're the best of friends discussing strategy for a game. One moment at a time, taking it all in even when they're being brats.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sneaky Sunday

My boys never took up skateboarding but I couldn't pass up these papers and fun die cuts. I'm thinking cutie pies testing out their new wheels photos would work perfectly here too or even any adventurous young child photos. I have photos of Darin on his scooter attempting to the half-pipe that I'll print out for this layout. Check in later for an updated layout photo.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

It was cold and rainy at Point Sebago for their annual scrapbooking weekend but we didn't let it stop us. Armed with umbrellas and rain boots it was business as usual. Space was a little tighter so I had to get creative with my set-up.
I also had a full class for my You Go Girl! canvas class and as usual, loved how everyone walked away with a unique canvas. I didn't get a group photo and am hoping the girls will share their canvases with me ;)
Looking forward to Point Sebago 2018...will I see you there?

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sneaky Sunday

Due to recent requests, Time2Scrap now has a lacrosse layout kit. It's currently in your order today! It fits lots of photos and is flexible enough, you can make it fit your photos!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sneaky Sunday

Got biking photos? I have some in my stash and even though they're not stunt or BMX pictures, I'm going to use this layout for them. Title reads "Go High or Go Home"...check back in a few weeks for an update with my photos added to the layout.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

If you follow me on Instagram, you would've noticed a lot of time spent time outdoors last week when it was nice out...most of it at baseball games, practice overlaps and walking Diego. Seems it's what spring break is all about with high school athletes. I'm not complaining, it was actually really nice to slow down and catch some games as well as walking the trails at the high school. Rainy days though, we were all like Diego...looking outside and wanting it to warm up. I did use that time to go through 6 boxes of products - new and re-stocks!!!
Saturday, the boys had the day off from sports so we let them sleep in and I spent the time in the kitchen baking before heading to a friend's for a baptism party. Check out my big boys supervising all the younger ones in the playroom. It's what happens when you're the oldest kids in the FRamily! Totally wishing I had taken a group picture of all the kids but I was busy chatting and I'm sure there are pics floating around somewhere.
Sunday, varsity had morning practice so we attended early mass before heading to practice. Hubby and I brought Diego along so we could walk the trails with him while we waited for practice. It was so nice out and only an hour long practice. We walked the cross country trail and marveled at how the kids run it in under 30minutes. We walked for an hour and only made it through the first 2 miles...we did also stop and let Diego run to his heart's content at the top of the hill.
All in all it was a wonderful and restful weekend. Now it's back to reality, lots of games, practices, travel and back to back crop weekends! I hope to see you at one of them :)