Friday, May 22, 2015

Around Here

1. I have been asked to please take pictures at the JV baseball games.

2. Reading the chatter from said pics of the players have been very entertaining.

3. Diego started doggie day care once a week to get him used to the place before we board him when we go on vacation in the summer.

4. I am so glad I came across the place on's as if we are leaving him with friends except they are trained to care for him and it is their livelihood.

5. I love the idea that he spends the day outside, his evenings with the family and nights in his crate...just like he does here with me.

6. I am prepping for Jean and my weekend just 2 weeks away.

7. Jori is on THREE baseball teams and he is loving it.

8. He has totally stepped up to the plate (pardon my pun hah) and has been taking care of cleaning his uniforms.

9. Meanwhile, Darin hurt his wrist playing basketball at the graduation party last Saturday and is playing his least favorite position on the team, right bench.

10. He wrote a couple of articles in his school newspaper and I couldn't be prouder.

11. Today, the Mr. and I will be going on the first of our year of dates...a visit to the Samurai exhibit at the Worcester Art Museum followed by a sushi lunch.

12. My to do list is calling so I'll stop here.

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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