Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

We started the weekend with a baseball game. This year, the boys are on a team together and it is so much fun to watch them. The Mr. is also helping out in the dugout so, I either roam the field taking pics or bring Diego with me. It's one or the other as I can't watch the puppy and take pics. By next year, fingers crossed, he will be ready and he has been doing really well at the fields.
This photo...this is why I try to attend every single game they play. Back story is he threw the pitcher out on 2nd in the 1st inning and now we're in the bottom of the 6th (they play 7 innings) tied game with him as the go ahead run (the boys supplied the lingo, I'm not that good). He was told to steal 2nd, took a huge lead and the pitcher tried to catch him stealing. They did this EIGHT times...what a battle and both boys, teammates on the high school team, had big grins on their faces the whole time! Be still my that he loves playing the game! ps. he stole his way to 3rd, brought home on a sac fly and they ended the game in a tie since they ran out of time.
We got home and got to work on the yard. A Mother's Day gift...they weeded, mulched, lifted and helped with the vegetable garden. The best kind of gift, don't you agree?

Sunday, we headed into Boston for our favorite brunch, dim sum, followed by a walk to and through SOWA Sunday. It was a beautiful day to spend walking around and exploring the markets.
 The Mr. saw these "shops" and said, "That's what you need for the store!" Wouldn't that be awesome? I could drive up in my truck, park, open the doors and voila open for business. No lugging it in (or out), setting up and breaking down!
I had to get a pic against this backdrop and somehow I always forget to hand over the camera :(


  1. Great weekend - an I totally love the SOWA Market - I would love one of those trailers!!

  2. A trailer would eliminate the need to pack and unpack my car when I get home...I'll keep saving ;)