Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nailed It: Jori's ETA project

Good Morning! Today I'm pulling a project from Nov/Dec that Jori worked on. A little background first...Jori is a Freshman studying in the Engineering & Technology Academy within our high school. One of his projects in the fall was to develop a parcel of land in the Blackstone Valley. They incorporated their core classes into ONE project - History: the history of Blackstone Valley, English: writing proposals for their land parcels, Math: the math required to design and make a scale model, Biology: green technology and Engineering: schematics, design, etc. The scale model is what I would like to tell you about this morning.

He was assigned a parcel that was designated recreational and you could team up with kids with land next to you have bigger developments. So he teamed up with a friend who had the park area and he built a basketball complex. Finding items to scale was the hardest part so we had to get creative and that's where mom and her scrap supplies came in handy. Here is a pic of the work in progress...the fencing is black burlap ribbon, telephone poles are cut black wire, hoops are Jolee stickers. The courts are Bazzill paper and the grass is standard diorama grass sheets.
We also bought air dry clay and mom lent a hand in making benches, lamps and for his friend's project, art installations at his "Peace Park". I used Queen & Co.'s bling for the lamps. 

The boys spent TWO days holed up in my scrap cave working on their park before delivering it to school to prepare for their open house. I didn't quite know what to expect but walking...WOW...they had laid out all the land parcels around the canal on the cafeteria floor. It was amazing!!!
It took a bit to find the boys' parcels but here they are...came out great. I helped with the clay and then left them on their own except to explain how certain glues and tools worked.
Students also had tri-fold boards that displayed their research and design work. They encouraged the parents and family members to talk to the students and have them explain their work. Doesn't he look all grown up?
I have to say, the kid Nailed It!

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