Friday, May 29, 2015

Fifth Friday

I have a blog schedule for Fridays, just in case you haven't noticed. I loosely label them as Random Fridays and they're titled...I Am, Fave Five, Flashback Friday and Around Here. When there is a 5th Friday in a month, like this month, I never know what to blog about. On top of that I have a crop this weekend where I am playing the part of hostess. Phfftt...what to talk about? How about nothing and I just post a few of my favorite pics from the month?
Darin's project for a coliseum. A 3D puzzle qualifies, right? He spent 3 days building it!
Any time I can capture emotion is a great pic. Oh the disappointment!
Playing SS...backing up his brother. The best!
And this kid...this kid that I can still trick into smiling for the camera.

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