Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

Happy Halloween! My partner in crime had told me of her plans to be an emoji for Halloween. I decided to join in last minute and with 5 minutes to spare, with the help of my Cameo, a few sheets of bazzill, and a ruler, I threw my emoji face together.
This weekend was a quiet one for us. We now have one less sport on the weekends with the end of fall baseball. The boys and I spent Saturday cleaning before heading out to the mall for a little clothes shopping and a hockey practice. We came home, pulled out a puzzle and stayed up way too late putting it together. There is still work to do but we agreed to only work on it when we were all together.
Sunday, we slept in, made it to church in the nick of time, one kid went to a friends to watch the Pats, one stayed home and vegged, while I cooked and prepped for the week. We ended the day with some driving practice for one kid and a hockey game for the other. No Halloween-ish activities for us although it did cross my mind for about 2 minutes that we should have carved pumpkins, gone to a haunted house or a corn maze but we were happy to just be home too.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sneaky Sunday - Sea World Adventures

I've been having fun designing with my Silhouette Cameo and as a result, there are a few new layout kits that feature die-cuts by me! This new kit is designed for your Sea World photos. It's been ages since I've been to Sea World but I couldn't resist when I saw the background papers plus photos of friends at Sea World. They'll be in stock for November events!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Random Friday

Where did October go? I had every intention on getting new classes designed, prepping for classes, new layout kits, kitting, etc etc since there were no events scheduled for Time2Scrap the entire month. But here I am at the end of the month, with THREE back to back events looming and nothing done! I asked myself how that happened and the only way to really tell is to take a look at my project365 calendar for the month. This is what it looks like...
It looks like there were lots of sporting events, and plenty of time for family...and I am very thankful for that. So, even though I didn't get the work I wanted to get done during the month, I am thankful...
...that I did host a pasta dinner for Jori's cross country team and got to really meet the kids on his team.
...that I did host dinner for our friends, friends since we first moved up here out of college, and spent the night reminiscing about way back when.
...that I made it to every sporting event my boys participated in
...that I managed to fit in senior photo shoots for kids I have known since they were in little league with my boys
...that I prioritized working out and getting out on walks with Diego
...that I spent a Saturday night sharing my You Go Girl canvas class with my non-scrappy friends. 
...that we spent quite a bit of time together as a family.
November is going to be a little crazy but we make it work

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What's Cooking?

So I thought I would share my guacamole recipe since I posted about carnitas last week. This is something I make at least once a week and the whole family enjoys. In fact, I perfected this recipe while I was pregnant with Darin and craved avocados! Most days, I just ate it straight sprinkled with salt, on more ambitious days I either made guacamole or California rolls. There is not right or wrong for this recipe and it's all just to taste. I start with the avocados, halved and just mash it with my potato masher.
Next chop up some red onion, cilantro and tomatoes. We don't love onions so I add just a little, if you love onions, throw more in there. We do love cilantro so I throw a nice giant pinch in there. Tomatoes, I don't bother de-seeding and it's whatever tomato I have on hand. 
Sprinkle some salt and garlic powder. Squeeze on some lime juice. Mix it all in and enjoy! Personally, I like to let it sit a little before digging in but who can wait?! Enjoy!!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

Rain...lots of rain and cold. I think that sums up the weekend, no? We had one kid at a football game in the torrential rain friday evening. Good news, he had the good sense to get out of it and head for the nearest coffee shop AND he let us know he was there. We went and got him, timed it right because the flash flood warnings went off and it wasn't a false alarm. Crazy!
photo by a friend on fb

Saturday, we had some friends over for dinner and we had such a great time, there are no photos. It was so much fun to sit around and reminisce about the past...most of us have known each other for more than 15 years! Even Diego had a great time playing with the younger kids.

Sunday, was baseball and hockey day. I have to say is amazing to watch the boys play especially when they have wonderful coaches that keep the games fun and the team is having a blast on the field/ice. Jori has never played 1st base and since everyone is rotating, he got to play 1st...even his teammates asked "Have you ever played 1st before?" LOL!

And Darin who plays defense mostly scored a goal and then said to us, "I juked 2 players and was falling over not looking when I took the shot. I don't think the goalie was expecting it!" To put it into perspective, this is only his 5th year playing and last season he scored a total of 3 goals, the entire season!
The love and enjoyment they have for the game is what makes it all worthwhile, right fellow parents?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What's Cooking?

Bringing back my recipe sharing on the blog. Last week, I tried out a new crockpot recipe...Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas...and I followed her instructions to the T and it came out amazing! We ate it for two meals (with no pictures to show for it) and used it for burrito bowls ala Chipotle, tacos, quesadillas and actual burritos. The boys LOVED it and are asking for more. I froze half of the meat and it was just as tasty the second time around.

Here's a picture of my lunch...leftovers = burrito bowl, lettuce on the side, homemade guacamole, salsa from Sam's club, rice from a box mix and received beans. Buen provecho!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

It was another fun-filled weekend...both work and play, mostly play with some house work thrown in the mix. We spent Friday evening together as a family at Mohegan Sun watching a comedy gala, tickets we had bought Jori for his birthday.
We spent Saturday working around the house and then at a friend's house for a get-together. I offered to teach my canvas class and my friends all jumped at the chance. Check out some of the backgrounds of these canvases!
Sunday was a day for sports starting with a fall baseball double header and ending with a hockey game with a nap in between. It's the first game I've been able to make and I was super excited to catch this shot. This is why I take freeze these moments forever and ever. Jori had just hit a triple and dad was coaching 3rd base.
Now on to Monday!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sneaky Sunday - Gotta Catch Them All Kit

The Pokemon Go game was the game of summer 2016. Did you or your kids play it? Do you have photos to scrapbook and can't find the right papers and embellishments? Check out my custom layout's nice and bright and best of all has large open spaces for lots and lots of photos. Order one today and I'll have it ready for you at a crop or get it shipped straight to your door.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

I had a wonderful long weekend, I sure you did too. The boys had a series of activities that kept us running back and forth all weekend...and despite it all, we still managed to find some time to hang out in the house. Most memorable was when we gathered in the kitchen Monday morning to make breakfast together and I impressed them with my one-handed egg cracking skills ;)

Sports are a big part of our life boys are involved in football, cross country, ice hockey and baseball. It was a baseball bye weekend and the freshman football team doesn't play on weekends but we made it to a JV game. Darin wanted to watch his friends play and we both went out with cameras to practice. This was followed by Jori's Cross Country Invitational Meet and an ice hockey game Sunday night. Yes I usually have my camera with me, Yes I take pictures of all the action and Yes I do share these pics with the kids.
My camera got quite the workout this weekend with all the sports photos and THREE senior photo shoots. It's always fun to get out there with these kids...many I have known for since they were little...and I feel so privileged to be asked to document them as they get ready to fly the nest. 
It's crisp out there but the sun feels so good! Have a wonderful week!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sneaky Sunday - School Time

The kids are back in you have a stack of back to school photos to scrap? This layout kit using a combination of Jillibean Soup and Doodlebug fits 7 photos! Order one today and I'll have it for you at a crop or get it shipped straight to your door.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Ready for Halloween?

It is October and only a few more weeks before Halloween. Now is the time to stock up on Halloween products so you can get those photos and memories into your scrapbooks ASAP. This year, there is an abundant of Halloween lines and I am spotlighting them in this post. We'll start with my favorite line this season, Haunted by Carta Bella...vintage-y yet nice and bright.
 Echo Park has a cute-sy line and I love the colors even though my boys are a little too old for it.
Here's another cute line...the science geek in my is absolutely in love with the mad scientist and Erlenmeyer flasks but once again, it's too cute for my teen boys :(
This new line by Photo Play called Bootiful designed by Julie Nutting is just too cute. She's incorporated her doll stamps on her papers and would be perfect for your photos or to highlight some dolls. In case you're wondering, Julie Nutting's Halloween dolls are Witchy Poo, Skelly, Bootiful and Lil Witch.
Reminisce has been knocking it out of the park with their new lines and this Eerie Night kit is the absolute bomb!
 Authentique has this cute vintage card kit, Mysterious, with their signature orange, black and off-white color palette.
 Bo Bunny too has their own line called Wonderfully Wicked. A little busy for me but love the colors.
I have most of these in stock but as always, if there is one you have your eye on, let me know and I'll order it for you or set one aside.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bazzill Bulk Buy

It's time for another Bazzill Bulk Buy, the perfect opportunity to stock up on Bazzill cardstock at a reduced price.  I am offering TWO different buys this month, Bazzill BLING and Bazzill SMOOTHIES. Bazzill Bling is an 80lb cardstock featuring canvas texture and a touch of shimmer. Bazzill Smoothies is also an 80lb cardstock featuring smooth touch, no texture, and perfect for stamping. Both have solid core, and are acid & lignin free.

New to my cardstock bulk buy?  Here's the scoop...
  • You will receive 60 sheets of cardstock, 5 sheets each of 12 different colors (see images below for colors). Color choice may change due to availability.
  • Price includes tax and shipping to me.
  • Price is for local hand delivery only - It does NOT include shipping to you. We can meet up or deliver at an event (check my schedule here).  Cardstock will be available for delivery at Cool Crops Warwick, Ready Set Crop and Purity Springs Mom n Me.
  • Mailing from me to you will be actual USPS cost of $13.00 for a priority flat rate box. I can fit 2 orders in a box.
  • Order Deadline is noon, Tuesday 10/11/16
  • Payments by paypal (please select friends and family) or checks only.
Bazzill Smoothies $23.
Bazzill Bling $31.
Email me (sluvs2skrap at yahoo dot com) to purchase. lease include # of buys, which buy (smoothies, bling or both) you would like, payment method and delivery location.

Bazzill Smoothies
Bazzill Bling - love the names!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

So summer came and went, and the crop season started with a bang. I had three events in a row and somehow here we are in October. I'll do a quick recap of the 3 events and then get back to the regular schedule here.

First event of the season was my own crop...Just Scrappin' in Westboro, MA. I debuted my You Go Girl! canvas class at this event and loved how it the turned out, every single canvas was an original masterpiece. Our sold out event had a few bumps along the way but nothing we couldn't handle or roll with. If you would like more information on Jean and my crops, check it out HERE. Our next event will be held Feb 16 - 19 in Milford, MA.
Next up was Cool Crops Portland and I had had a little too much fun shopping over the summer. The say my car was packed was an understatement. I think a trailer will have to go on my shopping list for 2017! It was another great Cool Crops weekend, they're always great.
And just this past weekend, I had the pleasure of joining the ladies at Purity Springs Resort for their second Fall weekend. It was such a pleasure to meet (and re-connect) with the wonderful ladies that scrap there. I loved the space, the resort, the staff and of course the scrappers. Best part is, their crops start on Tuesday and go through Sunday.
The store just keeps growing!
Time to get off the computer and take this sad puppy for a walk! Be back soon!!!