Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

We had such beautiful weather over the weekend and we spent most of it outdoors. On Saturday, while the boys cleaned their rooms and the Mr. did yardwork, I got some household stuff done as well as made some Graduation cards. I used up some leftover papers from a MnT I had designed. Just something quick and easy.
We cleaned up and headed out to take Diego for a meet n greet with a potential boarding place - we loved it and grabbed some lunch sans kids! Drove home, dropped off Diego, picked up the kids and headed to a graduation party. It's been a while since we've been social and it was nice to get out. We left the party and the boys immediately asked, "What's for dinner?" we headed to a family run place nearby and enjoyed the most delicious soft serve ice cream. We even managed a family selfie :)
Sunday morning was for baseball, followed by some summer clothes shopping for the boys. Neither of them had any shorts that fit!!! And since it was so nice out, we stopped by a different soft serve ice cream place on the way home.
It was a nice, relaxing weekend and we got a ton of things crossed off the to-do list. Enjoying it as it's about to get crazy the next few weekends! How was your weekend?

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