Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

How was your Labor Day Weekend? The unofficial close to the summer. Say it isn't so...I'm not ready to let go of summer although today is muggy enough to still count as summer. No complaints from me. We spent Saturday and Monday on the pond fishing and enjoying the great outdoors. This time, we were actually catching large mouth bass and keeper sized ones (only one out of the four we caught) but still exciting times!
Saturday, we did some shopping before heading to the Spencer Fair. It was gray and muggy all day but the rain didn't fall so we went. Truck tug-of-wars...wow...amazing that they would put their trucks through that. Parts were breaking and tires were burning...all part of it I guess. The highlight for us at the Spencer Fair yearly is the hypnotist show, we found good seats to wait and then it drizzled. The show was moved under the dining tent, we got there just in time for it to pour buckets. We waited and waited...there was thunder and lightning but the fair would cancel if it was too bad, right? Or so we thought. When it eased a little, they finally canceled the show and announced they were closing the fair early. We got out to the field where we were parked and it was a lake!!! Our car, thankfully, was on high ground and we made it home safe and sound. We were thoroughly soaked and it was tense driving home with flash flood warnings and even a tornado warning going off. Monday we found out a tornado did indeed touch down in Worcester, not near us but scary!
I may not be happy about the end of summer but I AM looking forward to the beginning on another crop season and will be spending some time today getting organized for it :)

ps. No Garden Tales post today...some are doing well, others aren't. I'll post next week.

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