Friday, September 19, 2014

I am...

enjoying the quiet after my high schooler heads out and before my middle schooler wakes up

adjusting to the early wake-up call of 5:30am that is required of my high schooler

listening to my middle schooler walking around upstairs (I'm in the basement) getting himself ready for school.

working on adding more miles to my morning run

trying to make space on my iPhone so I can download the new IOS8.0

wondering why it is so hard to delete old photos from my phone...they are backed up on the computer

making a to-do list to get myself ready for a weekend event that I'm running

playing too much Minion Rush on my iPhone #guiltypleasure

reading Insurgent and American Shaolin at the same time and enjoying both books

knitting myself a scoodie (scarf + hood)

wishing I was back out in the woods on my canoe fishing

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