Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Garden Tales 09.30.14

This will be my last Garden Tales post for the year. The chill is back in the air and most of my plants are done. Just need a final harvest and clean up of the gardens. A few things will last through the cooler months but on the whole, it's done and I'm too busy.
The basil is not going to become basil pesto...the leaves have brown spots on them and are tiny :( The jalapenos are ready to be harvested (maybe a pot of chili?)...oh the possibilities.
We planted 2 packets of sunflower seeds in the garden in the spring and this is the lone sunflower that grew. And it just bloomed. Weird! I always though sunflowers were the easiest thing to grow.
 We ended with tons of cucumbers that we've been eating fresh as well as pickled.
And these sugar snap peas are growing and flowering so I'll leave them be. A late harvest of sugar snap peas would be nice.
 New feature next week...come back and check it out!

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