Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nailed It!

Grilled pizza is one of our favorite summer meals. It's quick, easy and customizable. I looked around for a recipe a few years ago and found this one from Last Friday, we actually had friends over for make your own grilled pizza and it was a hit.
Here are some pics of the steps involved. Jori was my photographer for the process. Once you have your dough separated into individual servings, roll it out...I just pull and stretch...nothing fancy.
Lay it down, we do all this outside so my surface is a cookie sheet or two. Once you have your dough shaped, spray both sides with some oil. I find that after a few the cookie sheet has enough extra I only need to spray one side.
Next, throw them on the grill and cook only one side. It doesn't take long.
Apply sauce (we use store-bought marinara sauce) to the cooked side (other side is done too but no grill marks) and top. We love a variety of toppings but our main favorites are ham & pineapple as well as fresh tomato & basil. Fresh mozzarella makes it even better. A little more time on the grill and you have yourself a grilled pizza. Enjoy!

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