Monday, February 10, 2014

Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend totally felt like a whirlwind weekend. I got a TON of stuff done and yet there is still so much to do. Trying to get ready for 2 back to back crops so I can enjoy winter break with my boys. 

Friday I designed a card class for a Mom n Me crop. The cards came out super cute and can be seen HERE. I spent a few hours Sunday afternoon while the boys were with friends playing basketball prepping for the class...I'd say it's 60% prepped. More to go today and my goal is to get it done! My favorite has to be the Super Hero card...waiting for the matching die to show up for the super hero before I can continue but everything else is going to be prepped and kitted to go by the end of today!!!

Going solo this weekend meant I also spent a lot of time driving back and forth between practices and games...for a total of 3 practices and 1 game and 2 religious ed classes. Good thing there was no hockey, they got the weekend off. 

We also squeezed out some time for fun...Friday night, I took the boys to Sky Zone for Jumpalooza with their friends. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it.  Lots of fun and a great energy burner for the kids. Two tips - One, buy your tickets online to ensure they get in and two, sit as far away from the DJ as possible. There weren't many seating choices and I was about 20ft. from the speakers...I think I get a Mother of the Year award for knitting 2 1/2 hours straight next to the speakers. I did have my earphones in for an audiobook but it was still loud.

In between all that, Saturday night, I put up 14...yes FOUR-TEEN freezer meals. It just had to get done, I had bought all the ingredients and I didn't want it to spoil. I'm so glad I did it and that it only took 3 hours. Now I have a freezer full of meals that just needs thawing and then dumped into a crockpot to cook. A few easy sides and dinner's on the table. The details will have to be another post on another day. 

What else? I started knitting a new hat and accomplished a few more rows on the baby blanket. We checked out 2 antique stores hunting for a specific something for my booth, had a playdate, watched some shows (the boys and I are watching a new series Almost Human together) and got some shopping and visiting in.  Busy indeed but fun and productive!  How was your weekend?

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