Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

Mom n Me weekends are always fun and eye-opening. Kids just have such a different view on crafting. I taught two sessions of my Kids Kards Class and had 11 kids in each class, ages varying from 8-14. They dived in without any hesitation...distress you say? OK! Use a souffle pen?  OK!  mask and ink? OK! Musical cards? YES Please!  What is musical cards...6 different cards and 11 kids meant I had to get creative with how I taught the class.  There wasn't enough for everyone to work on the same card at the same time.  So I set up stations, walked them through it at the beginning of class.  There was also a time limit...soooo...I put on some music, told them to work in pairs one station at a time and when the song ended, they moved to the next one.There was singing and much fun.  I should do this with adults too ;)

 The other thing I noticed why how they just rolled with it...on this card, they had to cut out the bee with scissors and 2 girls told me they cut off the antennas by mistake.  And before I could say anything, they piped up to say, "It's not a big deal, we stuck it on and drew the antennas back on!"  Amazing and so creative!  Nothing threw them off...smudge? Just color over it with a darker color. Crooked?  I like it like that.  

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