Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Got Washi?

It is snowing hard out there as I sit here and type this post.  *squirrel - what other adjectives are there for falling snow? I can't say snowing cats and dogs nor pouring...gonna have to look this up. And *squirrel* is something the boys and I use when someone loses focus or goes off topic.*  Back to Washi... how much washi can a girl have? Someone (you know who you are) asked that question on fb just last week. My answer - There's never too much washi tape. What is Washi tape you ask? It's basically patterned masking tape. Great for taping notes or cards to the wall/fridge since it peels off easily and is pretty. It's easily used on cards, layouts AND other home projects.  There are tons of ideas on Pinterest and in fact, I just started a Washi pinterest board.

One of the easiest pins I chose to try was to use Washi tape to decorate and easily identify charging cords and adapters.  It was super easy - just roll some tape around the object and cut.  Pretty and now the boys won't be stealing mine ;)

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