Friday, February 7, 2014

Random Friday

I taught myself how to knit back in the fall of 2012...before our road trip to Florida.  I spent most of the ride knitting and haven't stopped since.  Currently, I am working on a baby blanket and it has been quite a challenge for this newbie knitter.  I forget to YO, forget to K2, forget to PSSO but thankfully this pattern has been pretty forgiving and the recipient won't notice.  Unfortunately, I am way behind schedule on it...the recipient arrived a month earlier than expected, I've been busy and am a slow knitter (I did mention I am a rookie knitter, right?).  Not that rookie I can't watch a show and knit, maybe that's why I forget YO's, K2's and PSSO's. 
I can also play a mean game of Battleship while I knit...I'm even slower then but a row here and there is better than no progress. 
The best thing about knitting unlike scrapbooking is that I can bring it with me when I'm stuck waiting for the boys at practice.  I'm sure you've been's too far to drive all the way home or practice is too short to make it worth it.  Some times I run errands in the area, most times I bring my knitting.
Do you have other hobbies besides scrapbooking and card making? 

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