Friday, February 21, 2014

Layout kits pt 2

Just in case you're wondering, yes Time2Scrap is a family business ...that is everyone gets involved.  The husband with his support and heavy lifting loading and unloading the car.  The boys aren't left out either, they load and unload and most importantly they help kit my layout kits.  Last week during the Nor'easter, they were tasked with kitting 4 kits.  The Q&A session that ensued...

Kid 1: Mom, do you make at least $3000 profits from these kits?  (I like how his brain works
Me: I don't know how much I actually profit, want to do the math?
Kid 1: It's a snow day, no thanks!

Kid 1: Mom, do all the papers have to face out?  What about the instructions and photo?
Me:  Yes.  Everything faces the same direction, make all the kits exactly alike? 
Kid 1: You mean I can't change things up? 
Me: That would be confusing and it helps when customers can see what they're buying and the price.
Kid 1: That's boring!

Kid 2: Mom, why is there always an extra sheet of patterned paper leftover?
Me: They come in packs of 25.
Kid 2: That's dumb! I agree but that's the way the world turns.

Anyone want to join us for another kit making session?  

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