Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nailed It: Halloween costumes

Halloween themed crop at Cool Crops Portland meant I had to come up with a costume. Vendors don't generally have to get involved with the themes but it's always nice to participate. I talked my vendor friend, Jen to team up and we loved the "oh deer" and "holy cow" idea.
My original plan for my shirt was to wear a black long sleeved shirt under and cut holes in a white shirt to go over. Another friend of mine convinced me that I had to do it right and since I had black heat transfer vinyl handy, I used that instead...staying up until 2am the night before heading to the crop to make my cow shirt. I think we did ok even though you can't see my halo. There were some funny guesses on our costumes - angel cow, fairy cow and even oh s%@t!

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