Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nailed It! DIY puppy shampoo

I think you can tell by now that we have a new puppy and I'm over the moon with him. Unfortunately, the shampoo we were using on him was stripping his skin and he was flaky and has a few scabs here and there. How did I know it was the shampoo? Well my hands were super dry after bathing him. No, we didn't take him to the vet, he has an appointment for Monday so we're going to wait until then. He is not itchy and not losing any hair/fur. Basically he is fine just flaky (and a little scabby) so I looked up DIY dog shampoo on pinterest (good ole pinterest) and found that the main ingredients used were baby shampoo, apple cider vinegar and water. One of the pins I found talked about dry skin plus a recipe for the DIY moisturizing shampoo she used on her black labs that included coconut oil.

I didn't think it would hurt to try so I gave it a shot. I modified the recipe a little since I didn't have rosemary or lavender essential oil on hand. Also, I made a smaller batch since we were just trying it out.

My DIY puppy shampoo recipe
1 cup water (boiled with sprig of lavender)
2 tbsp baby shampoo
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (apparently it helps with odor control)
1/2 tsp coconut oil

It's only been a few days and I can't say it's getting better but it's not getting worse. His coat is shiny and beautiful...check my boy out.

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