Friday, October 17, 2014

I am...

I looked back at last month's post and it was written before we got Diego. Oh boy! Things sure have changed around here. I'm going to do a little contrast post. I sure had it made before we got him, wouldn't change a thing though.

Sept: enjoying the quiet after my high schooler heads out and before my middle schooler wakes up
Oct: running on the treadmill after my high schooler heads out and before I have to head to work on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Tuesday and Thursday's, I drive him to school early for a newspaper club.

Sept: adjusting to the early wake-up call of 5:30am that is required of my high schooler
Oct: still adjusting to the early wake-up call of 5:30am. He however is doing well waking up at that time. Maybe I should go to bed when he does at 8:30pm.

Sept: listening to my middle schooler walking around upstairs (I'm in the basement) getting himself ready for school.
Oct: listening to my middle schooler getting himself ready and getting Diego ready for the day

Sept: working on adding more miles to my morning run
Oct: still working on this...had a setback, my funny knee went funny and I'm taking it easy

Sept:playing too much Minion Rush on my iPhone #guiltypleasure
Oct: quitting games...there just isn't enough hours in the day :(

Sept: reading Insurgent and American Shaolin at the same time and enjoying both books
Oct: reading China Dolls by Lisa See...a few pages a day is all I can manage :( :(

Sept: knitting myself a scoodie (scarf + hood)
Oct: still knitting that scoodie...working on the hood part now.

wanting to scrapbook but there is just so much to do around here, needless to say puppy is taking up A LOT of time

loving on our new puppy

prepping for 3 more events before I get December off followed by a whole lot of events

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