Monday, August 4, 2014

Vacation wrap-up

Instead of a weekend wrap-up, I'm going to do a vacation wrap-up post. After baseball season ended for the boys, we decided on a last minute trip to spend some time at the beach and some cousin/family time. It was much needed and we all had a great time. And it's pretty safe to say that I'll probably have classes and kits with the following themes...

Beach/Surfing - we spent 75% of our time at one beach or another while we were at the coast. We even signed the boys up for a 1/2 day surf camp to learn to surf.
 Fishing...we went deep sea fishing one of the days and had a great time, except for the seasick part.
 Food...there were lots of delicious meals and lots of photo-taking ;)
 Family...the kids even posed for some pics...amazing!
Baby girl...yup, there is finally a girl in the family. Can't wait to scrap some pink pages :)
And in 3 days, I believe my boys are on their to becoming pool sharks. Anyone know of any pool themed papers out there?
How is your summer coming along? Ours is shaping up nicely and I am still enjoying the time at home with the boys. It has it's moments but the slower pace is awesome!

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