Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Garden Tales 08.12.14

The garden hasn't changed much since last week's post other than the snap peas have sprouted. I haven't been home much to mess around in the garden other than to harvest (beans, herbs, tomatoes, greens) and enjoy. Instead, I'll show you what else we did...we have 2 pet turtles...the boys and I made a make shift pond in their old sand box for them. Basically we dug a hole, lined it with an old shower curtain and placed rounded rocks around the edges to hold the liner down. Filled it with water and dropped them in. They were happy to be out of their tank and happily explored.
This guy stayed out there for over an hour reading and "babysitting" the turtles...they were trying to get out. They made it out a few times and each time, we just picked them up and placed them back in the pond, moving the rocks they were using to climb out on.
The next day, we did the same but this time covered the top of the sandbox with the boys' baseball throwback net and weighed it down with pieces of lumber. Well, sad to say we didn't "babysit" them and when we came back an hour later, one of them was gone. It's been over a week and we still  haven't found him. We are sad but are hoping it found it's way to a nice pond. As for the other turtle, we are undecided on what to do with it. For now, he is back in his tank with a few shiners for company (edited: 1 shiner for company, the others... .)

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