Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Garden Tales 08.26.14

Status quo - nothing much has changed in the garden. Wishing I had planted more basil so I can make homemade pesto and planning to get some churrasco so I can use up the parsley in chimichurri. Tomatoes are ripening, plenty  of Thai basil, peppers and cucumbers. Kale are getting big too...maybe some kale chips this week or am I supposed to wait for it to get cooler before harvesting my kale? Anyone?
And yesterday, I gladly paid my helper (only one since the other was at football practice) to re-do my compost area. Some pesky plants have sent their roots into my compost pile...heavy mat roots...to the point the bottom half of the compost is trapped. We moved the pile, dug up the roots, laid down two layers of cardboard (from the shelves we bought for the garage) and dumped the compost pile back on it. He did a lot of the heavy work and it was totally worth the $$$. 

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