Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Garden Tales 08.18.14

These guys are doing great...finally. I've never really had great success growing them in my veggie garden, maybe I don't plant enough or maybe it's the cooler weather we've been having. Whatever it is, I love seeing them and all the ruffles!

Tomatoes are ripening but they aren't growing as well as I would like. I remember a couple of years back when we had so many grape tomatoes, we were eating handfuls daily. Anyone a little more successful with their tomatoes this year?
I planted my cucumbers pretty late in the season...bought them and pretty much just plopped them in the ground with a tomato cage around it to climb and left it alone. I was so glad to see baby cukes on them this morning. Fingers crossed we;ll have a decent harvest of cucumbers.
How is your garden growing? Do share your garden pics with me.

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