Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What's Cooking?

So I thought I would share my guacamole recipe since I posted about carnitas last week. This is something I make at least once a week and the whole family enjoys. In fact, I perfected this recipe while I was pregnant with Darin and craved avocados! Most days, I just ate it straight sprinkled with salt, on more ambitious days I either made guacamole or California rolls. There is not right or wrong for this recipe and it's all just to taste. I start with the avocados, halved and just mash it with my potato masher.
Next chop up some red onion, cilantro and tomatoes. We don't love onions so I add just a little, if you love onions, throw more in there. We do love cilantro so I throw a nice giant pinch in there. Tomatoes, I don't bother de-seeding and it's whatever tomato I have on hand. 
Sprinkle some salt and garlic powder. Squeeze on some lime juice. Mix it all in and enjoy! Personally, I like to let it sit a little before digging in but who can wait?! Enjoy!!!

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