Friday, October 28, 2016

Random Friday

Where did October go? I had every intention on getting new classes designed, prepping for classes, new layout kits, kitting, etc etc since there were no events scheduled for Time2Scrap the entire month. But here I am at the end of the month, with THREE back to back events looming and nothing done! I asked myself how that happened and the only way to really tell is to take a look at my project365 calendar for the month. This is what it looks like...
It looks like there were lots of sporting events, and plenty of time for family...and I am very thankful for that. So, even though I didn't get the work I wanted to get done during the month, I am thankful...
...that I did host a pasta dinner for Jori's cross country team and got to really meet the kids on his team.
...that I did host dinner for our friends, friends since we first moved up here out of college, and spent the night reminiscing about way back when.
...that I made it to every sporting event my boys participated in
...that I managed to fit in senior photo shoots for kids I have known since they were in little league with my boys
...that I prioritized working out and getting out on walks with Diego
...that I spent a Saturday night sharing my You Go Girl canvas class with my non-scrappy friends. 
...that we spent quite a bit of time together as a family.
November is going to be a little crazy but we make it work

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