Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

Happy Halloween! My partner in crime had told me of her plans to be an emoji for Halloween. I decided to join in last minute and with 5 minutes to spare, with the help of my Cameo, a few sheets of bazzill, and a ruler, I threw my emoji face together.
This weekend was a quiet one for us. We now have one less sport on the weekends with the end of fall baseball. The boys and I spent Saturday cleaning before heading out to the mall for a little clothes shopping and a hockey practice. We came home, pulled out a puzzle and stayed up way too late putting it together. There is still work to do but we agreed to only work on it when we were all together.
Sunday, we slept in, made it to church in the nick of time, one kid went to a friends to watch the Pats, one stayed home and vegged, while I cooked and prepped for the week. We ended the day with some driving practice for one kid and a hockey game for the other. No Halloween-ish activities for us although it did cross my mind for about 2 minutes that we should have carved pumpkins, gone to a haunted house or a corn maze but we were happy to just be home too.

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