Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

So summer came and went, and the crop season started with a bang. I had three events in a row and somehow here we are in October. I'll do a quick recap of the 3 events and then get back to the regular schedule here.

First event of the season was my own crop...Just Scrappin' in Westboro, MA. I debuted my You Go Girl! canvas class at this event and loved how it the turned out, every single canvas was an original masterpiece. Our sold out event had a few bumps along the way but nothing we couldn't handle or roll with. If you would like more information on Jean and my crops, check it out HERE. Our next event will be held Feb 16 - 19 in Milford, MA.
Next up was Cool Crops Portland and I had had a little too much fun shopping over the summer. The say my car was packed was an understatement. I think a trailer will have to go on my shopping list for 2017! It was another great Cool Crops weekend, they're always great.
And just this past weekend, I had the pleasure of joining the ladies at Purity Springs Resort for their second Fall weekend. It was such a pleasure to meet (and re-connect) with the wonderful ladies that scrap there. I loved the space, the resort, the staff and of course the scrappers. Best part is, their crops start on Tuesday and go through Sunday.
The store just keeps growing!
Time to get off the computer and take this sad puppy for a walk! Be back soon!!!

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