Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

I had a wonderful long weekend, I sure you did too. The boys had a series of activities that kept us running back and forth all weekend...and despite it all, we still managed to find some time to hang out in the house. Most memorable was when we gathered in the kitchen Monday morning to make breakfast together and I impressed them with my one-handed egg cracking skills ;)

Sports are a big part of our life currently...my boys are involved in football, cross country, ice hockey and baseball. It was a baseball bye weekend and the freshman football team doesn't play on weekends but we made it to a JV game. Darin wanted to watch his friends play and we both went out with cameras to practice. This was followed by Jori's Cross Country Invitational Meet and an ice hockey game Sunday night. Yes I usually have my camera with me, Yes I take pictures of all the action and Yes I do share these pics with the kids.
My camera got quite the workout this weekend with all the sports photos and THREE senior photo shoots. It's always fun to get out there with these kids...many I have known for since they were little...and I feel so privileged to be asked to document them as they get ready to fly the nest. 
It's crisp out there but the sun feels so good! Have a wonderful week!!!

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