Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Getting crafty w air plants

Another project inspired by pinterest and etsy. Pins kept popping up on my feed of airplants hanging in shells, stuffed into shells, in bowls, jars etc.
Looks easy enough, right? I bought 5 air plants from TwistedAcres on Etsy and they came in a box on Monday. A nice selection and one that was perfect for a project I had in mind. I played around with them while it poured yesterday and baseball was cancelled.  Here are the results of my craft time...
I just plucked off some of the dried pieces on the ends and stuffed them into the shells we had laying around the house. The bigger shell took 2 plants. These are in the bathroom and won't need to be watered, the steam from our showers should take care of it.
This alien looking thing...this will live in Darin's room. He found the shell so it's his and if the plant is going to live in it, well he's got the perfect spot for it or so he claims. A little fishing line around the plant threaded through the natural holes in the urchin shell and we're good to go. Cool, eh?

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  1. wow, these are fantastic! love them, thanks for sharing!