Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fave Pinterest Finds

Loving my Nailed It Wednesday posts but it's hard to keep finding new projects as well as the time to accomplish them. Some are easier than others while some take more time to complete or to gather the "ingredients".  Saw a post about her favorite finds of the week and thought I'd mix it up...favorite finds and nailed it projects. So here's a few of my fave finds from the past few weeks.
Carrots & Dirt Cupcakes - these are stinking adorable and looks easy enough.  Going to have to try these for Easter and maybe for a bake sale at the school.

Baseball Mom shirt - LOL...just the perfect shirt for me and the 100+ games I'll be sitting at these next few months!

How to Look Awesome in Vacation photos - some great tips here and a pic of my boys and their cousins :)
Honey Beer Bread - I've made this before and it's a family fave. Thought I'd bring it up again.
And this Image, love the's what we're doing at crops, right?

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