Friday, April 11, 2014

Around here

I am...
enjoying the sight of the first flowers of spring pop up despite the up and down temps
soaking in the warm sun
exploring the nearby woods with D to check out his hangout spot complete with a shelter he and a friend built
struggling to let D spread his wings further than I'm comfortable with. He on the other hand is so ready and pushing for it. Picking my battles for sure with this one.

loving that my boys and the other neighborhood kids are out daily playing on the street right outside my window. And that mine are the oldest ones out there and they keep an eye on the youngest ones.

driving my boys here, there and everywhere for baseball has begun in earnest.
knitting up a a shawl with the yummiest yarn
planning a day trip to NYC with D just the two of us
determined to follow through with my 30 day green smoothie challenge as well as getting through the 30 day shred video for the month of April
grateful for technology that allows me to stay in touch with family, especially my parents who are halfway around the world

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