Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nailed It!

 When I saw this pinned project from the Goodwillionaire blog, I immediately pinned it and couldn't wait to get started on my frame.  I have a pile of them sitting around in a corner and so they sat for months.  3 weeks ago, I pulled a candidate (an IKEA frame that we broke the glass on) out and set off to Home Depot to get the tiniest eye hooks I could find.  It took a while to get my frozen fingers (it's cold in the scrap cave) to twist the hooks in but they're in and still there ;)
Last week, I finally ordered my 4x4 instagram prints through Persnickety Prints.  The order came in within 2 days and I am in LOVE with the heavy weight paper the photos are printed on. 
 Yesterday, I got around to tying twine to the eye hooks, chose 12 photos and hung them up.  Added some stickers from way back when...anyone recognize them?  Narratives by Karen Russell.  The words were just right.
It's not quite as fancy as the original pin but it suits me and was a quick DIY project. Picking prints to print and hang up took the longest time. 

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