Friday, March 7, 2014

Dear Science Project,

Second son finished his science project with 1 d to spare. We stayed up until 10:30 (an hour and half past his bedtime) to finish up.  He set up to work on the cold tile floor when there was a nice warm padded rug not 5 feet away.  Also, there are tables that were available to us. But, I'll let you in on a secret, we are picking our battles...I mean, I'm picking my battles.  We are entering those sensitive and oh so difficult tween years.
How does everyone else complete their boards without a Tonic trimmer, ATG gun and Bazzill cardstock?
And Stickles...oh my!  He was very specific about what colors he wanted on the board - Black Diamond and Diamond, thank you very much!
Flip flaps came to mind for hiding the raw data but I drew the line there, we used a regular ole office supply store page protector but just had to pretty it up with washi tape.  Yes we had to dig up my entire stash and hunted through it until we found the right color.
And here is the final product.  One that he declared "better not win" because he didn't want to have to present it at the next level...*deep breaths* were taken at this announcement.  And true to his words, he did NOT win and is happy as a clam.  Me? I'm just glad it's over because apparently I didn't know anything about Ohm's Law, batteries and voltage drops.

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  1. love love love the stickles I got from you (and washi tape)...I have glitter glue from another company but the stickles have a more consistent output! I've been using them to make handmade greeting cards