Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

It was a nice change to be home for the weekend after 2 back-to-back crops.  Friday evening saw me on my own, so I took to the roads and headed over to Andover to visit with Jean and the Cool Crops Crew, who were celebrating their 50th crop.  My boys rode with me most of the way (we were on our way to meet up with dad so they could go watch the Celtics game) and we watched the sun set in the mirrors and J got this cool shot of the sunset!
I came home to this...lots and lots of boxes blocking the garage.  And you know what this means right?  Bazzill & Core-dinations are in and I'm seriously stocked up on adhesives and a whole bunch of other goodies!!! 
I spent some time on Saturday unpacking the boxes, sorting papers and putting it all away.  I still have to price and label but that will happen during the week...
home for the weekend means I get to spend my time with my boys.  We managed to fit in 2 basketball games, baseball practice, a visit to the library, a visit to the winter farmer's market and antique/vintage co-op, sunday school, church and a hockey game.  Hubby does this all when I'm away on the weekends...I'm such a lucky girl!!! 

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