Friday, January 31, 2014

Random Friday - Layout Kits

Just some randomness about my Time2Scrap layout kits...
  1. There are 2 boxes packed with papers, embellishments and cardstock waiting to be turned into layout kits...and I keep buying.  I'll admit it, I have a problem.
  2. I see the layout/design in my head when I order the materials - it's gone by the time I get around to working with them :(
  3. I usually don't add titles to my layout kits - this way you can customize your layouts to suit your needs.  When I have them, I add letter stickers to the kits to save you having to find coordinating letters.  Other times, I design titles and cut them out on my cricut.  This is time-consuming but fun for me.
  4. I have designed 60 layout kits and just finished layout's a sneak peek. #62 is either glasses or baseball.
  5. Some kits are pre-cut, most are not.  Same as #3, it's so you can customize your layout.
  6. Girl themed layout kits are the hardest ones for me since I only have boys and nephews.  Totally working on this though, just had 3 nieces born in the last 2 months!!!
  7. Sports themed layout kits are the easiest ones for me.  Any interest in wrestling kits?
  8. It's also easier to design multiple layouts per kit than a single layout.  I have more material and embellishments to work with.
Have you tried one of my layout kits?  I'd love to hear some feedback from you.  Suggestions for kits are always welcome!

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