Thursday, January 23, 2014

Smash Albums

SMASH albums...did you get one and put it together?  I love the idea of the SMASH album but think it needs to have a theme.  I wanted to start one for the longest time and couldn't find the right theme/topic for mine until we decided to drive down to Florida for the holidays in 2012.  I packed up some goodies in a small box and armed with my iPhone camera and an app to print to Walgreens, they even printed square pics on 4x6.  I scrapped on the road (in my lap), in hotel rooms and at my in-laws over the holidays. 
 My boys were trapped in the car with me for hours on end, so I had them fill out (answer while I wrote) questionnaires.  I had their opinions, thoughts and even resolutions recorded...SCORE!
Here are a few more pages. 


  1. Nice job, Siewleng! I have not tried one of the SMASH journals yet. Almost seems daunting to me - but you make it look easy! Sounds like a good idea for a trip, too. We're doing Disney in Feb., maybe a journal would be easier than all the scrapbook pages I'd have to do!

    1. seemed like a great way to record the "moments". By the time I get to the scrapbook pages, I've forgotten all the little details and moments.