Thursday, January 16, 2014

Teacher Gifts

 Once upon a time, I taught card classes at a rec center.  There weren't always full so I had quite a pile of supplies left over.  The supplies looked sad sitting in baskets waiting to be turned into cards.  When it came time for teacher gifts, I hunted high and low for something that would be useful.  And so the teachers got card sets for X'mas.  Each year as the holidays got closer, teachers I bumped into in the hallways would stop and tell me "I'm so looking forward to your cards this year" and "I love the cards you gave me last year"...and a tradition was started.  Fast forward a few years and I stopped teaching at the rec center.  Now I design and make cards just for the teachers!  Packaging them is just a simple bit of twine plus a tag.
And if you would like to see what they are the cards.

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