Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

Hello Monday! How's everyone holding up? It's a tad chilly out there today but I bundled up and survived. This crossing guard gig of mine is turning me into one of those hardy New Englander's that I keep hearing about. 1F...whatever, I'll break out the hand warmers when it's negative temps...Hah!

We had a pretty busy weekend starting with a gathering of Darin's friends at our home for 3 King's Day followed by some rink time. The girls showed up, spotted some layouts and my sweet teen boy pulled out his baby scrapbooks to share with them. They oohed and awed and tried to pick out friends they knew from my pictures. That's what scrapbooking is all about, eh?

Saturday, the boys started their CYC basketball season and then the snow canceled everything and we had a lovely time hanging out at the house in front of the fire. Actually, it was just me, the husband and Diego since the boys opted to hang out in the man cave on the PS4.

Sunday, we lost poor Tigger, who succumbed to large cell lymphoma in her stomach. We knew it was coming and are loving on our remaining kitty and Diego. We spent the remainder of the day at basketball, hockey and church.
RIP Tigger...the sweetest little furball. You will be missed. Cross that rainbow bridge and look for your sister. May you spend your days eating your fill and laying in the sun.

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