Friday, January 13, 2017

Random Friday

Prepping for class is the part of the job and sometimes it's more fun to bring everything down to the floor and catch up on some DVR'd episodes. If you can't tell, I was die-cutting an in intricate die and having issues with popping the word out after cutting. Frustrating!!!
I jumped onto and looked for a solution. One suggestion that kept coming up was to layer wax paper between my cardstock and thin die. Worth a shot, right?
Yay! It worked like a charm. I did go through quite a bit of wax paper though. I did find that the wax coated the die and my later cuts without the wax paper was a lot easier to work with too.
Note: I used it with the crazy birds and I was still able to line up the dies with the stamped images although they moved more than without the wax paper. Hope this tip helps.

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