Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Garden Tales 07.01.14

 My garden is growing and blooming. There's been plenty of sunshine this past week and I've been diligently watering the plants.
These beautiful pink flowers came back on their own from last year...love it when I get surprises

These summer squash buds are tiny and so are their leaves. They're thriving but seem stunted to me :(
  Others I don't want blooming but they're not quite listening to me ...Thai basil and cilantro.


  1. My squash plants seem stunted, too...hope the veggies grow strong! Also my cilantro has flowers (last year I cut them when they were just 2-3 inches tall, but I didn't get around to being so efficient this year). Thanks for the beautiful pictures :).

    1. I hope yours grow too! Cilantro I've learned needs to be re-planted every few weeks. They bolt too quickly but love that I can just go out to the yard and snip some when needed.