Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

We spent yet another weekend at the ball field...watching our own boys as well as games their friends were playing in...a total of about 6 games. Soaking it all in, enjoying the game. There is a social aspect to it too since other parents are there and BONUS, the weather was gorgeous!

And in case you're wondering, my older plays on an AAU team as well as the town team. AAU wrapped up last weekend (waiting to hear about playoffs) and so has the town team. He got selected for the town 13 year old All Star team and games start tonight! My younger is still in Little League and is on the 12 year old All Star team...they won yesterday and have another game on Tuesday. Love that the league treats them like all stars including a special snack shack menu! It's one game at a time...which is hard, I can't plan more than 2 days ahead but it's temporary. Anyone else doing this dance with me?
Besides baseball, we also had a nice chunk of family time in the evenings...grilling and just hanging out in the backyard. There's still quite a few things on the calendar but it's definitely SLOWER. Enjoy the weather!

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