Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

Nice weather plus the desire to be more active and unplugged led us to quite a bit of outdoor adventuring this past weekend. Saturday, we hiked Mt. Wachusett...where the boys, all three of them, left me in their dust with their longer legs. I am officially the shortest one in the house now :(

Sunday, we took our canoe out to our favorite spot and I offered free mom fishing charters. I rowed and they fished. That is definitely the best way to fish on a canoe. This one here was actually directing me to certain spots, Jori was nice enough to go on a super short ride and the husband took turns with me.
Before all this took place, Saturday morning I headed out to meet Cris Q and her sidekicks for a photo shoot. Location was beautiful, weather (cloudy) was perfect and they were so much fun to photograph. Just one pic to share...I had to, it's just so dreamy...and my all time favorite shot.
We're off on more adventures this week so I may or may not be on here...don't miss me too much.

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