Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Washi Tape Feathers

One of the latest trends in scrapbooking is using feathers on layouts. Another trend or trendy item, is washi tape. I spotted a few layouts with washi tape feathers but haven't found a tutorial on how to make them. While in Westboro, I decided to try it out for myself...making it up and here is a little tutorial on how to make them.
You will need some scotch tape (or wide washi tape), washi tape and scissors (non-stick ones are best). First, layer 2 pieces of scotch tape with a small overlap with the adhesive side up. It's a little tricky getting the tape to just lay on the table but a little patience and light hands helps.
Next, layer washi tape over the scotch tape. Adhesive side to adhesive side. I like to leave the overlapped scotch tape area visible in the center so it looks like the hard center of real feathers.
Cut out the shape of a feather, just free-hand it.
Lastly, snip the sides, cutting some pieces out and you have yourself washi tape feathers :)
halfway through the snipping process ;)

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