Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spotlight: Page Maps

The spotlight of this week is one my all time favorite sites to head to for sketches.  I have been reading/using the sketches from this site from way back when.  If you haven't heard of the website or blog, I'm sure you've seen their books.

Head on over to the Page Maps website and check out all of their cool free sketches.  They also have a Page Maps blog that has contests all year long.  Here is an excerpt from their welcome page...

Yo sketch dawgs! Welcome to PageMaps, a sketch resource for scrapbookers and page artists. We all hit a creative wall from time to time, staring at piles of photos, papers and embellishments, wondering how to put it all together. (For me, it's usually a double semi truck and I don't stand a chance.)
But with a click of the mouse, inspiration is yours to find among the many sketches found here at PageMaps—from graphic and shabby to linear and asymmetrical—there's sure to be a map that fits your style. And hey, if there isn't, just turn one of those suckers on its side or upside down! Cardmakers will also find a collection of designs just in time for that last-minute birthday card. After all, does Hallmark really need your hard-earned $3 bucks? Personally, I'd rather buy a latte (double shot, hold the foam, please).
PageMaps are free for you to download and print for your personal use, but please read the {yawn} Terms of Use to make sure I don't have to send one of my friends after you for map violations. I know this dude, Guido, and he's running a special on knee caps this month...

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