Wednesday, March 9, 2011


That would be me here in my scrap cave.  Positively beaming!  I've been messing around with Photoshop Elements for a while, learning through tutorials and trial and error.  Today my little guy decided he had to have a Beyblade themed birthday party...and if you have a 9 yr old boy around, you know it's all the rage but there are no easy party supplies out there.  Challenged with that, I decided to photoshop an invite, using images I copied off of their website.  I'm pretty sure that's kosher as long as I am not selling the invites.  I grabbed the background, an image (that I had to tediously cut out from the background), added some text and voila!


  1. This grandma wishes she could be there to enjoy the party ... but will have to be there only in spirit !

  2. This is spectacular!! I don't have the Photoshop program...but now I'm wondering why I don't?? We should discuss decorations....I think I might make a beyblade birthday banner...think this program could help??

  3. How did you fill 3 full hours???