Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

Happy First Day of summer!!! I am hearing the sounds of two boys working on summer chores so they can get to the PS4...gotta love summer!
Started the weekend w an early bedtime on Friday and woke to a very irate kitty who did NOT want me to get out of bed.
We spent the morning getting some yard work done, prepping for some a new butterfly garden and then some cooking before heading a friends for a pig roast. We had a great time catching up w friends we see once a year at this annual roast as well as meeting some new friends. We promised each other that we would get together at least once more this summer so we can sit and catch up, there were too many people to really sit and catch up, know what I mean?
And no weekend would be complete without some baseball thrown in.  A double header in Providence RI for the big kid on Father's Day. We didn't quite pamper dad as we wanted to and his gift shipped late so I'm planning a re-do.  At one point I looked into the dugout and asked hubby who the kid in there was and it was our kid!!! How does this kid keep looking bigger and older?

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