Friday, June 17, 2016

Random Friday

Started a new workout routine with DH (it was all his idea, I was happy on the treadmill) and can barely type or walk for that matter. On the bright side, we survived week 1 and it can only get better, right? Diego tries to help with the downward dogs LOL
Darin finished up middle school this week, yes we're officially on summer break, and I now have a high school freshman and junior. Where does the time go? And of course I am behind on my scrapbooks...working on 2012 currently. 
Since summer break started on Wednesday, we've had some excursions and some adventures. Darin had some snacks he wanted and apparently they could only be found at the No Name Market. You heard/read right. We did find it and he got his snacks. What else is this kid going to come up with?
Meanwhile, the other kid is keeping us busy with travel baseball. Love that he is enjoying the game and having a great time with his teammates. The laughter and joking around in the dugout and between games are what it's all about, right?
Are your kids out for the summer? Any plans? I have work to do but have some excursions planned as well as lessons for the boys. Lessons? Cooking, budgeting, changing a flat, sewing a button,etc...they will so love me by the end of the summer 😉😇

Make memories...the days are long but summer sure goes by fast!

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