Friday, June 3, 2016

Fave Finds: Father's Day edition

Father's Day is around the boys and I are brainstorming ideas for DH and came up with the following ideas plus a bunch of other items we thought were cool, such as...
This Dash-cam/GPS that is on DH's wishlist...looks like a really cool toy.
These tie pins are super cute and cool but wonder if DH would actually wear them...if not, I do have 2 other boys in the house that probably would.
This Watermelon BBQ Grill is too much work for me but it looks so cool.
There is also Grill Cupcakes that are absolutely adorable but definitely way too much work for me.
Kaisercraft has the perfect rub-ons for Father's Day layouts...gonna have to get my hands on them.
DIY ready has some great ideas for DIY Father's Day cards.
A list of cool books for Father's Day...Darth Vader and son look really interesting.
At the bottom of this page is a really neat Dad Rocks craft perfect for toddlers to DIY with mom.
How cool are these wine tags for dad? I would need beer ones for my DH but I love that they're available for downloading.

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