Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

What a weekend! Friday, we bought Diego his own doggy pool ($5 at Walmart) and he seems to be loving it. Even stuck his nose underwater and blew bubbles. Darin is lobbying for a bigger deeper pool to see if Diego can swim!
Saturday saw us on the ball field for a double elimination championship game. The boys lost their first game by mercy rule...get your act together geesh...and won the second game to emerge West Side Babe Ruth 2015 champions! It was a battle right down to the end and this momma is so proud of her boys...Jori pitched the last inning and Darin played amazing defense on 2nd.
Sunday evenings are hockey evenings...we've been stuck with the 7:20pm time slot for the last few weeks and boy was it tough to drag ourselves out in the rain last night! He  played great as usual and despite getting their butts handed to them by the elite team, Darin and his house league team managed to score 2 goals.
Summer vacation is in full swing here and I've bought myself some time every morning to work while they accomplish a few things on their to-do list (summer reading, physical activity and chores). How's it going at your end?

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